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GLASSHOUSE - Arabian Nights 350g Candle


  • Descend into a realm of opulence and wealth. Arabian Nights will bewitch and seduce you at once, with sensual Oud immersed in Saffron, White Rose and Amber. Your magic carpet awaits.

    TOP: Saffron, Olibanum.
    MIDDLE: White Rose, Jasmine.
    BASE: Oud (Agarwood), Sandalwood, Amber.

    Our Triple-Scented Candles are handmade in Australia, using the highest quality non-toxic wax and natural lead-free cotton wicks. 

    To get the most out of your 350g candle burn it for 1-4 hours at a time and trim the wick to 7mm before lighting. Be sure to read our candle care guide before use for the best performance of your Glasshouse Fragrances candle.


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